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We are fortunate to have had the opportunity to speak with industry professionals including Krista Scimeca, Senior Revenue Management Analyst at the Walt Disney World Resort; Larry Chickola, Vice President and Chief Engineer of Six Flags; Kristy Pron, Drexel Alum and Imagineer; and Chris Hillman, an animatronic expert.

We welcome the opportunity to host guest speakers whenever possible as they provide great insight into the industry!



We share our knowledge of and excitement for themed entertainment within the Philadelphia area via community service . In the past, we've partnered with local schools, such as the Indian Valley Middle School in Montgomery County, PA, where we explained how each engineering discipline factored into the creation of a ride or attraction. Most recently, we participated in Introduce A Girl To Engineering Day, where we encouraged young women to study engineering!


We also do community outreach at Drexel via Activity Fairs and Co-Sponsored Events!


Our weekly meetings are always interactive. We discuss current industry news, club members present to the group on an industry-related topic, we hold various brainstorming and concept design sessions related to the industry, and sometimes we investigate some of the relevant attractions and events that pop up in Philly from time to time. We also host special meetings like Jeopardy Night, Movie Night, and K'Nex Night. Meetings are informal in structure, and we always have free food!

New members are always welcomed!


We participate in local, national, and international theme park competitions. We have obtained many accolades over the years. The club prides itself in winning the first Ryerson Invitational Thrill Design Competition in 2014. At these competitions, club members display skills in teamwork, attraction design, and presentation.


We strive to challenge ourselves while learning the demands of this exciting industry!

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